Published Reports

JCHC's published reports may be obtained by contacting the Legislative Bill Room 804.786.6984 or by selecting the specific report listed below.


JCHC Interim Executive Summary 2023

Obesity and Eating Disorder Prevention and Treatment in Virginia 
          In Brief - Obesity
          In Brief - Eating Disorder
          Full Report

Team-based Care Approaches to Improve Health Outcomes 
          In Brief
          Full Report

Vertically Integrated Carriers and Providers 
          In Brief
          Full Report  

JCHC 2022 Annual Report 


JCHC Interim Executive Summary 2022

Local Health Department Structure and Financing 
          In Brief 
          Full Report

Affordability of Assisted Living Facilities
          In Brief
          Full Report

Reducing Unnecessary Emergency Department Utilization 
          In Brief
          Full Report

Provider Data Sharing to Improve Quality of Care
          In Brief 
         Full Report

JCHC 2021 Annual Report
JCHC Interim Executive Summary 2021 


Health Insurance Affordability in the Individual Market 
          In Brief 
          Full Report

Workforce Challenges in Virginia's Nursing Homes
          In Brief
          Full Report

Strategies to Support Aging Virginians in their Communities
          In Brief
          Full Report

JCHC 2020 Annual Report  
JCHC Interim Executive Summary 2020   


Joint Commission on Health Care 2019 Annual Report
Language Development Milestones and Parent Resources for Young Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children
Naloxone Public Access and Storage  
The dispensing of drugs and devices pursuant to pharmacy collaborative practice agreements,  standing orders, and statewide protocols  


Joint Commission on Health Care 2018 Annual Report  
Addiction Relapse Prevention Programs in the Commonwealth  
Pharmacy Drug Disposal Program  


Sustainability of the Prescription Monitoring Program  
Staff Ratios of Assisted Living Facilities  
Joint Commission on Health Care 2017 Annual Report  
Options for Increasing the Use of Telemental Health in the Commonwealth- Final Report  
ADHD Prevalence and Risks of ADHD Medications in Virginia  


Joint Commission on Health Care 2016 Annual Report
Medical Care Provided in State Prisons – Study of the Costs
Options for Increasing the Use of Telemental Health in the Commonwealth- Interim Report  


Joint Commission on Health Care 2015 Annual Report  


Viral Hepatitis in the Commonwealth  
Joint Commission on Health Care 2014 Annual Report  
State Designee for the Federal Rural Health Grant Program  
Minor Consent for Voluntary Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment  


Needs of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder Who Are Transitioning from Secondary Schools  
Update on the Virginia Physician Workforce Shortage  
Factors Affecting Health Care Costs  
Joint Commission on Health Care 2013 Annual Report  
Age Restrictions on Tanning Bed Use  
Minor Consent Requirement for Voluntary Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment



Joint Commission on Health Care 2012 Annual Report  
Regulation of Naturopaths   
Fiscal Impact: Medicaid Eligibility and Uncompensated Asset Transfers  
Health Care Compact  

Virginia College Mental Health Study



Chronic Health Care Homes  
Shaken Baby Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma  
All-Payer Claims Databases  
Public Access to Vital Records
Joint Commission on Health Care 2011 Annual Report
Notification for Breaches of Personal Health Records  
Analysis of Section 125 Plans and Virginia Health Insurance Exchange  
Consideration of Regulatory Changes for the Board of Pharmacy  


Indigent and Charity Care Provided by Hospitals
Catastrophic Health Insurance
Chronic Health Care Homes
Medical Care for Uninsured Individuals with Life-Threatening Conditions
Joint Commission on Health Care 2010 Annual Report  


Final Report: Impact of Recent Legislation on Virginia's Mental Health System
Final Report: Opportunities for Early Identification and Preventive Care for Chronic Diseases
Joint Commission on Health Care 2009 Annual Report
Final Report: Analysis of Virginia’s Health Workforce Pipelines  



Interim Report: Impact of Recent Legislation on Virginia's Mental Health System
Minority Mental Health Needs and Treatment in Virginia
Support for Family Caregivers and Alternatives to Long Term Care
Annual Report for 2008 Activities
Various Responses to Medical Errors
Interim Report: Analysis of Virginia's Health Workforce Pipelines  


Impact of Barrier Crime Laws on Social Service and Health Care Employers  
Annual Report for 2007 Activities  
Treatment Needs of Individuals Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity  
Stroke Prevention and Care  
Follow-Up Care and Tracking Systems for Preterm and Low-Birth Weight Infants  
Lead Agency to Serve Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders  
Minority Access to Mental Health Services  
Increasing the Availability of Health Insurance Providers in Rural Areas  
Review of Health Care Costs  
Background Checks for Medical Practitioners  
Higher Rates of Cervical Cancer among Minority Women  


Annual Report for 2006 Activities
Medicare Part D - Update
Access to and Availability of Geriatricians
Needs of Individuals Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity or Incompetent to Stand Trial
Follow-Up Care and Tracking System for Preterm and Low-Birth Weight Infants
Development of a Reporting System for Acute Psychiatric Beds
Pain Management Standards for Long-Term Care Facilities  


Federal Funding for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment Programs in VA
Mental Health Needs and Treatment of Young Minority Adults  
Needs of Individuals Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity  
Interim Report on the Impact of Barrier Crime Laws  
Effects of Health Care Cost Increases on Health Insurance Premiums  
Medicaid Asset Transfer Allowances  
Healthy Lives Prescription Assistance Plan – Final Report  
Licensing of Dietitians  
Annual Report for 2005 Activities  


Disclosure of Health Records
Newborn Screening in Virginia
Prescriptive Authority of Physician Assistants
Mental Health Needs and Treatment of Young Minority Adults
Benefits of Public-Private Partnerships to Medicaid Recipients
Healthy Lives Prescription Plan
Annual Report for 2004 Activities  


Prescriptive Authority of Nurse Practitioners  
Treatment Options for Offenders Who Have Mental Illness or Substance Abuse Disorders  
Authorization for Electronic Monitoring in Nursing Facilities  
Annual Report for 2003 Activities
Healthy Lives Prescription Plan


Annual Report for 2002 Activities  
Review of Eye Examinations Prior to School Enrollment  
Personal Maintenance Allowance for Virginia’s Medicaid Waivers  
Local Health Partnership Authority  
Reimbursement of Noncontracting Ancillary Services Providers  
Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS)  
Emergency Medical and Mental Health Services in Public Schools  
Medicaid Reimbursement of Physicians  


Revised/New Indigent Health Care Trust Fund (COPN Follow-Up)  
Voluntary Closure of Long-Term Care Facilities  
Exceptions to Nursing Facility Reimbursement  
Virginia’s Medical Savings Account Program  
Critical Access Hospital Program (COPN Follow-Up)  
SCHIP Waiver for Low-Income Adult Parents (COPN Follow-Up)  
Multi-State Nurse Licensure Compact  
Nurse Staffing Ratios in Nursing Facilities  
Annual Report for 2001 Activities  
Long-Term Care Insurance Reforms  
Employment Exceptions for Nursing Facility Employees  


Long-Term Care Insurance Reporting/Disclosure Requirements  
Virginia’s Brain Injury Registry  
Improving Access to Dental Study  
Strategies to Educate, Recruit, and Retain Qualified Nurses in Virginia  
Palliative Care  
Patient Safety and Medical Errors  
A Plan to Eliminate the Certificate of Public Need Program  
Drug-Testing Policies in Certain Health Care Settings  
Health Workforce  
Review of the Confidentiality of Patient Medical Records  
Annual Report for 2000 Activities  


Cancer Registry  
Renal Dialysis/Mammography  
Advanced Directives  
Midwifery Study  
Prenatal and Obstetrical Medical Education  
Dental Care in Virginia  
Study of Health Workforce Data  
Therapeutic Interchange of Chemically Dissimilar Drugs  
Health Workforce  
Health Insurance Issues  
Licensure Issues in Long-Term Care  
Assisted Living and Services for Vulnerable Adults Issues in Long-Term Care  
Annual Report for 1999 Activities  
Organ Donation and Transplantation  
Lyme Disease  
Academic Health Centers  


Reimbursement and Quality of Care Issues Regarding Telemedicine  
Centralized Planning and Funding for Health Workforce Activities  
Long-Term Care Issues  
Pooled Purchasing Arrangements for Small Employers, Community Health Centers and Free Clinics  
Health Care Coverage for Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia  
Annual Report for 1998 Activities  
Feasibility of Establishing a High Risk Pool in Virginia  
Ombudsman Program/External Appeals Mechanism  
Participation of Academic Health Centers in Managed Care Provider Networks  


High Risk Pools and Other Related Health Insurance Issues  
Long-Term Care/Aging  
Continuing Care Retirement Communities  
Health Care for the Indigent and Uninsured  
Annual Report for 1997 Activities  


Potential Abuses in Independent Living Arrangements  
Reforms in the Individual Health Insurance Market  
Exemptions and Regulatory Policy for PACE and Pre-Pace Projects  
Legislative Proposals on Managed Care “Point of Service” Mandate  
Virginia’s Certificate of Public Need Program  
Commonwealth’s Role in Overseeing Managed Care  
Entities Involved in State Health Care Policy or Regulation  
Impact of Medicaid Managed Care on Durable Medical Equipment and Pharmacy Providers  
Annual Report for 1996 Activities  


Virginia’s Health Care Cost and Quality Data Initiatives  
Long-Term Care Pharmacy Operations  
Health Workforce Initiatives  
Access to Obstetrical Care for the Women of Rural Virginia  
Need for and Efficacy of a Statewide Trauma Triage Plan  
Annual Report for 1995 Activities  


School-Based Health Insurance  
Managed Health Care System Practices on Medical Laboratory Services  
Universal Access to Health Care for Virginia’s Uninsured Children  
Health Insurance Purchasing Cooperatives  
Organized Health Services Delivery  
Impact of Virginia’s Any Willing Provider Statute on the Cost and Quality of Health Care  
Impact of Defensive Medical Practices and Procedures  
Optimum Use of Nurse Practitioners  
Annual Report for 1994 Activities