JCHC Legislation


Provider Data Sharing to Improve Quality of Care

HB 2345 (Delegate Head) and SB 1255 (Senator Dunnavant)
This legislation establishes a statewide Health Information Exchange with the goal of enabling any health care provider in the state to share and view their patient’s key medical records if authorized by the patient. The Health Information Exchange will be called the Smartchart Network and will build off of the infrastructure currently in place for the Emergency Department Care Coordination program, which provides limited patient information to all hospital emergency departments in the state, as well as insurance plans and outpatient providers.

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Reducing Unnecessary Emergency Department Utilization

HB 2190 (Delegate Rasoul) and SB 1270 (Senator Edwards)
This legislation requires DMAS to collect and report additional data from Medicaid Managed Care Organizations to better understand administrative barriers that providers may face when treating Medicaid patients. DMAS will provide a report with the number of denied and resubmitted claims by provider type, including an analysis of the reasons for denial or resubmission. 

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Health Insurance Affordability in the Individual Market (2021)

HB 1375 (Delegate Greenhalgh) and SB 1011 (Senator Edwards)
This legislation eliminates the tobacco surcharge, which is an additional amount that insurance carriers may add to the monthly health insurance premium of tobacco users, for insurance plans sold on Virginia’s individual market. The legislation requires an evaluation of the impact of removing the surcharge, and a sunset date of January 1, 2026, unless reenacted. 

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Workforce Challenges in Virginia’s Nursing Homes (2021)

HB 1446 (Delegate Orrock) and SB 1339 (Senator Barker)
This legislation establishes a minimum standard for nurse staffing levels in Virginia’s nursing facilities. Each nursing facility must provide at least 3.08 case-mix adjusted hours of total nurse staffing care (by certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses), on average, every day, beginning July 1, 2025. Case-mix adjusted hours mean each resident’s level of need will be taken into consideration, with lower acuity residents requiring fewer hours and higher acuity residents requiring more hours to meet the standard. Facilities that do not comply with the minimum may be subject to administrative sanctions. 

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PCPA’s, Standing Orders and Statewide Protocols (2019)

HB 2274 (Delegate Kilgore) and SB 948 (Senator Suetterlein)
This legislation allows pharmacists to administer tests for group A streptococcus bacteria (strep throat), influenza virus, COVID-19 virus, and urinary tract infections to individuals over 18 years of age who have a bona-fide pharmacist-patient relationship. The Board of Pharmacy will develop a statewide protocol by November 1, 2023 for the initiation of these tests through a workgroup composed of Members of Board of Pharmacy, Board of Medicine, and the Department of Health.

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