Chairman, Senator George L. Barker

Welcome to the Joint Commission on Health Care

The JCHC was established as a standing commission of the Virginia General Assembly in 1992. JCHC seeks through its research, recommendations, and legislative actions to "ensure that the Commonwealth as provider, financier, and regulator adopts the most cost-effective and efficacious means of delivery of health care services so that the greatest number of Virginians receive quality health care." JCHC's statutory purpose and authority are denoted in Code of Virginia §§ 30-168 through 170.

The Commission staff support the JCHC mission by conducting rigorous, independent policy analysis on topics that are directed by Commission Members. In addition to conducting policy analysis, staff may also serve as conveners for stakeholder workgroups that are directed by the Commission to discuss and develop consensus recommendations on health policy topics. Staff also facilitate the annual work planning process to identify priority topics, and public meetings of the Commission.


Next meeting will take place on 12/06/2023 @ 10:00 a.m. in Senate Committee Room C, Room 311 - General Assembly Building. 
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Medicaid Redetermination Information

Virginia’s Medicaid program restarted the process of renewing eligibility for Medicaid members in March, 2023.  Medicaid members can visit the following resources to understand the process and what they need to do so that they keep their health coverage if eligible.


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