2017 JCHC Legislation


HB 1751 - Delegate O'Bannon 
SB-1050 - Senator Edwards
Expands the mission of the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth to include the reduction and prevention of substance use by youth in the Commonwealth.
Enacted (Acts of Assembly 2017, Chapters 746 and 471 respectively)
HB 1675 - Delegate Bulova
SB 974 - Senator Lucas
Requires the Department of Health to make information about and resources on palliative care available to the public, health care providers, and health care facilities on its website.
Enacted (Acts of Assembly 2017, Chapters 109 and 60 respectively)
HB 1736 - Delegate Hope
SB 1043 - Senator Dance
Extends the expiration of the Joint Commission on Health Care from July 1, 2018, to July 1, 2022.
Enacted (Acts of Assembly 2017, Chapters 173 and 608 respectively)