2022 Virginia Health Care Dashboard

Virginia Rate Virginia Rank1 Available by Race/Ethnicity


Health Insurance Coverage*
· Percentage of adults age 19-64 who are uninsured8.0% #17
· Percentage of children age 0-18 who are uninsured1.9% #5-

Availability of Providers
· Primary care providers per 100,000 population250 #36 ■
· Behavioral health providers per 100,000 population396 #41
· Dental providers per 100,000 population *new*65 #23

Percentage of mothers who received late/no prenatal care4.9% #17

Percentage of potentially avoidable Emergecy Department visits10.1% - -


Percentage of people with medical debt in collections *new*16.5% #29

Percentage of adults aged 18+ who went without medical care because of cost in the past 12 months 10.4% #28

Percentage of individuals in families with high out-of-pocket medical costs (including premiums)2 18.7% #26


Median rate of successful return to home and community from a skilled nursing facility *new*58.8% #10 -

Percentage of babies born with low birthweight8.3% #25

Overall Prevention rate per 100,000 people*1,258.7 -

Acute Care Prevention rate per 100,000 people*271.0 -

Disease Management rate per 100,000 people*987.3 -

Better than previous year
No change from previous year ■
Worse than previous year

1 Rankings out of 51 states, including Washington, D.C.

2 10% or greater of annual household income, or 5% or greater for families earning less than 200% of the federal poverty line

* Dashboard metrics without a trend arrow were either added this year, or do not yet have the appropriate data available due to changes in the data source or lags in reporting.